Sizing Information

Know your exact size before ordering and review our exchange/return policy.

We encourage getting sized at your local jeweler or a shop near you to be 100% sure of your size.  The sizes displayed on our website are the only sizes we currently offer.



Can be sized at home by wrapping a string or shoe lace to your desired fit and then measuring the length in inches.  Each item will state its size but our typical chain lengths include: 16 in, 18 in, 20 in, 22 in, and 24 in.  All leather bands are 22 inches in length and can be adjusted down accordingly.





Can be sized at home by wrapping a string or shoe lace around your wrist to your desired fit and then measuring the length in inches (refer to image below), sometimes leaving a little leeway for comfort and ease of taking on and off. 

Generally, Men's sizes are 8 inches and Women's sizes are 7 inches.



Please do not bend your cuff on and off, the cuff can and will break if doing so (we are not liable if you break your cuff).  Please follow image below for putting on and taking off cuff bracelets.  Cuff sizes are approximately, Women's 2.25 inches diameter and Men's at 2.5 inches diameter. 



If you would like "at home" ring sizing methods, please see below.  ALWAYS take into account the size of your knuckle.  Do NOT order if you have not been sized in person or are at all unsure of your size. These options provide very rough estimates of your true size. 



  1. Wrap a piece of loose string around your finger. Be sure to allow for the size of your knuckle.
  2. With a pen, mark the point on the string where the end meets.
  3. Measure the string from the end to the pen mark in millimeters (mm).
  4. This will find the Inside Circumference (mm) of your size, referring to the chart below, match that measurement with the U.S. conversion size.

*Note: You can measure diameter of an existing ring and use this chart for sizing.


*Please note, these sizing options are for references only, Selva cannot be held liable for any errors that occur when using these options.