Our Materials


Sterling Silver: .925 Sterling Silver, the highest quality wearable silver (92.5% Silver and 7.5% metal alloys). 


Gold Plated: Not your typical Gold Plated jewelry, we use an 18k Heavy Gold Layer over Brass for a more affordable yet longer lasting Gold Plated option.

Gold Vermeil: For those who like a higher quality/heavier feeling base metal, our Gold Vermeil is .925 Sterling Silver bathed in an 18k Heavy Gold Layer.

Gold Filled: 1/20 14k Gold bonded to a base metal, usually 100 times more the amount of gold than gold plated jewelry, for a much longer lasting gold that isn't solid gold.


Solid Gold:  This one speaks for itself, solid karated gold lasts forever and is worth every penny.  Most common karats are 10k, 14k, and 18k Gold (all of our Solid Gold pieces are Made-to-Order and are Final Sale).


Brass/Bronze:  Jewelers Brass is worn alone or used as a base metal to be layered with Gold to give it that natural gold look for a more affordable price.


(Please see each product description for the material used on each piece)