Our Story

 Selva was started by friends who grew up together in Southern California. They were inspired by design, travel, fashion, and the ocean; creating a distinct and unique taste towards jewelry. Selva was a concept started on the idea of designing high-quality metal goods that one could wear on an every day basis for a reasonable price. Offering rugged and clean timeless styles handmade from quality precious metals in Southern California.  Crafted and designed for different lifestyles, each piece is simple, yet a staple for the classic modern man and woman.  Because of this, all our items are hand-made from scratch to your order, every piece is uniquely yours and never the same as the next. 

Our Finishes

Antiqued: A worn, contrasted appearance of oxidized silver gives it a vintage yet natural look.  The oxidation process is created using silver sulfide to give it that tarnished, darkened finish.  Usually paired with a Tumbled finish for a natural, raw, vintage metal look.

Matte/Tumbled:  A less shiny more natural and rugged looking finish.  Our Antiqued pieces are paired with a tumbled finish.

Polished:  Shiny, high-end finish that makes a statement.  Polished pieces are more "porous" and more prone to tarnishing. Please take extra care with these, use a polishing cloth to clean and take off your pieces to avoid any scratches when active.


Our Materials

Sterling Silver: Pure 925 Sterling Silver (92.5% Silver and 7.5% other metal alloys). 

Gold: 18k Gold Heavy plated over 925 Sterling Silver (Gold Vermeil) or Brass.  More affordable Gold option.

Gold Filled

Solid Gold:  Solid Gold available upon request.  Most common karats are 10K, 14K, and 18K Gold.  Please contact us if you would like to have any piece made in Solid Gold. 

Brass/Bronze:  Coated to help protect from wear and tear.  Brass/Bronze can be layered with Gold to give it that natural gold look for a more affordable price.

(Please see each product description for the material used on each piece)